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CO2-neutral Wooden Buildings e.V.

Information from Associations and Expert Groups

Not only does the Gütegemeinschaft CO2 neutrale Bauwerke in Holz (Quality Assurance Association CO2-neutral Wooden Buildings) deal with the positive properties of wood, so too do many institutions, associations, expert groups, universities and scientists. Other people from the fields of science and politics also deal with this matter and have compiled and published current information on this topic. For example, the “Deutscher Massiv- und Blockhausverband”, abbreviated DMBV (“German Solid and Log Blockhouse Association”), and the “Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau” (Quality Assurance Association for Log Blockhouse Construction) with the RAL Gütezeichen Blockhausbau (RAL Quality Mark for Log Blockhouse Construction) are among the many organizations that deal with the topic of “wood” and “sustainable constructions”. The following links will take you to the expert groups, reports and information related to renewable and sustainable wood construction materials.



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