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Research and Studies relating to Wood and Energy Consumption

Forschung und Studien zu Holz und EnergierverbrauchMany research projects on wood and energy consumption have been carried out on an international scale in recent years. Even the most widely varied approaches lead to the same result: the values set for wood were below the estimates and turned out to be better than the values set in the applicable industry standards.


This is partly due to the fact that many bases no longer meet the current state of the art. Thus, for example, the U-values of solid wood components are better in practice than in the industry standard because the assumed humidity levels of wood do not correspond to the circumstances at the time of determination. On the other hand, positively influencing factors of the wood in the environmental balance will not be considered, such as CO2-sinking efficiency, or the CO2-storage effect, as well as a corresponding environmental product declaration, etc.


The RAL Quality Mark for CO2-reducing Wooden Buildings (in German: RAL Gütezeichen für CO2 senkende Bauwerke aus Holz) shows the overall balance and reports it. Holistically viewed, the EU's environmental and climate protection goals can be achieved!


Joint Venture (JV) Log Blockhouse 20+

Research Project Network Massive Log 20+, Energy Efficiency and Ecology of Houses Built with Solid Wood

Research Report


Salzburg Wooden Construction 2020+

"woodONsite" - Innovative network project on ecological and energetic further development of marketable solid wooden construction solutions for sustainable and resource-preserving construction methods in low-energy and plus-energy standards


Environmental Life Cycle Assessment according to ISO

Final EPBD Report


Thermal Insulation Properties of Wood

A Study by Dipl.-Ing. J. Egle, Graduate Engineer


Sinking CO2

A Study by Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Hauser and Dr. R. Lueking


Sinking CO2

A Study by Dipl.-Ing. J. Egle, Graduate Engineer


Challenges in Wood Construction

Log Blockhouse - A Carbon Dioxide Gulper (HIRSI TALO TEOLLISUUS)