Quality Assurance Association
CO2-neutral Wooden Buildings e.V.


Wood as a building material - Projects relating to climate protection.WoodProClimate - Why wood protects the climate. An initiative of the lumber industry in Germany.


Climate without Limits is a joint organization that advocates the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions.


The “Climate Seeks Protection” campaign, funded by the Federal Environment Ministry, informs individuals about their personal climate protection opportunities and motivates them to reduce their CO2 emissions.


How good is your CO2 Footprint? The CO2 Calculator will help you to find out.


Cluster Forest and Wood in Bavaria - a list on the subject of sustainability with various facilities as well as various projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


DBU (the German Federal Environment Foundation) current No. 1 | 2015: Building in Munich: Resource-conserving and energy-efficient construction.


Austrian Forests, the Portal to Forests and Wood - Environment & Life.


Events and Conferences of the Technical University Munich.


FNR - Technical Agency for Regenerative Raw Materials e.V. - Topic of Building Materials.